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Confronted with the restrictions of insulin as a part of a “holistic” strategy to sort 1 diabetes and its danger elements, diabetologists are turning to different molecules to absorb mixture with insulin: that’s “adjuvant remedy” of sort 1 diabetes.

If sort 1 diabetes is insulin deficiency diabetes by definition, insulin supply doesn’t essentially remedy all the issues, particularly in the long run, when the diabetic turns into an grownup.

Through the years, it’s typically troublesome to realize glycemic targets and the intensification of remedy is accompanied by an elevated danger of episodes of hypoglycaemia and weight achieve. There’s larger glycemic variability and, in the long run, this phenomenon is answerable for elevated cardiovascular danger.

Adjuvant remedy with insulin

The thought has subsequently come to diabetes docs to affiliate insulin with different molecules, a lot as is already achieved within the remedy of sort 2 diabetes.

For this “adjuvant remedy” of sort 2 diabetes, the drug candidate needed to have a special mechanism and unbiased of that of insulin, with an motion if potential complementary or synergistic with insulin, to acquire a discount of its doses, whereas having an excellent tolerance and an excellent security of use. The seek for an related profit on different cardiovascular danger elements (weight, blood strain, lipids, and so forth.) was additionally a part of the “specs”.

Curiosity of glifozines

Totally different courses of antidiabetic brokers have been studied and if GLP1 analogues and amylin analogues (pramlintide) have been studied due to their impact on the postprandial absorption of sugars, the main target is at present on SGLT2 antagonists or SGLT1 / SGLT2 double antagonists.

For SGLT2 antagonists, 2 research have been introduced on the final congress of the American Diabetes Affiliation in Orlando. Taken collectively, these research validate the worth of including an SGLT2 antagonist (dapaglifozin or empaglifozin) to insulin in sort 1 diabetes: sufferers achieve zero.four% much less HbA1c at 24 weeks, the day by day insulin dose is decreased by about 11% and weight reduction reaches Three.7% of physique weight, blood strain drops by at the very least Three mm Hg. These advantages are obtained at the price of a Three-fold improve within the danger of ketoacidosis (very low dangers) and genital infections, however with out a rise within the danger of hypoglycaemia.

Double antagonism SGLT1 / SGLT2

For SGLT1 / SGLT2 double antagonists, a research was introduced with sotaglifozine. The benefit of this double inhibition is that in case of renal insufficiency, the excretion of sugar is lowered within the kidney (SGLT2), however the absorption of sugar continues to be lowered within the gut (SGLT1), preserving thus a pharmacological exercise which is extensive, not solely on the glycemia, but in addition on the opposite parameters of the cardiovascular danger (blood strain, weight, …). 

In the long run, greater than 32% of sufferers with an HbA1c decrease than 7% with out hypoglycemia or ketoacidosis have been noticed at 52 weeks.

Furthermore, one other research of ADA 2018 has proven that in case of renal insufficiency, even when the excretion of sugar is lowered within the kidney with the SGLT2 antagonists, the impact of those molecules is preserved on blood strain (excretion of salt), weight and excretion of albumin by the kidney.

Adjuvant remedy of sort 1 diabetes with glifozin subsequently seems to be a critical avenue for enhancing the remedy of sort 1 diabetes with excessive glycemic variability. Then again, their complementary mechanism of motion on different cardiovascular danger elements makes it attainable to envisage a drastic discount of this danger. Ketoacidosis is uncommon however have to be taken under consideration within the schooling of sufferers.

Sort 2 diabetes

A illness characterised by two forms of abnormalities: alterations in insulin secretion and abnormalities within the results of insulin on its goal tissues (insulin sensitivity). The genetic and environmental elements that have an effect on each insulin secretion and insulin motion contribute to the event and development of sort 2 diabetes.

Insulin secretion abnormalities are noticed in sufferers with sort 2 diabetes, with a gradual discount in insulin secretion because the period of illness progresses.

A lower within the peripheral motion of insulin (or insulin resistance) is noticed in sort 2 diabetics, and primarily considerations musculoskeletal and liver.

Microangiopathic problems are largely associated to toxicity. Hypertension performs an necessary position within the prevalence and worsening of diabetic microangiopathy.

The structure of diabetic macroangiopathy (coronary artery illness, arteritis), would contain along with the vascular toxicity of glucose, arterial hypertension, complicated lipid abnormalities and probably insulin resistance. Diabetic macroangiopathy is significantly aggravated by smoking.

Type 1 Type 2 Diabetes New Treatment Strategies


The objectives of remedy

The primary info of the UK Potential Diabetes Research (UKPDS) is the affirmation of the deleterious position of hyperglycemia and the good thing about remedy methods to make sure glycemic management: glycemic enchancment, regardless of the remedy used, can tremendously scale back the danger of prevalence of diabetic microangiopathy and stabilizes it as soon as it’s constituted.

These knowledge subsequently suggest a really early detection and correction of abnormalities in glycoregulation, with a meticulous and early management of hyperglycemia, so as to keep away from microangiopathy, self-aggravation of the insular deficiency and the evolution in the direction of insulinorequency.  The correction of vascular danger elements is the opposite important element of the remedy of sort 2 diabetes. Strict pressure management supplies vital advantages each to stop and to stabilize microangiopathy and macroangiopathy.

Dietetics and way of life

The preliminary remedy of sort 2 diabetes should first be based mostly on weight loss plan and way of life modifications, the complete impact of which can ideally be thought-about within the second month (Grade A suggestion).Bodily exercise and meals planning are important interventions within the administration of sort 2 diabetes.

Drug remedy will solely be determined if dietary and way of life measures haven’t achieved the said goals. Within the case of medical remedy, the food regimen and way of life shall be continued indefinitely with the identical rigor to scale back or restrict the “drug load” and for their very own therapeutic worth (grade A suggestion).

The restoration or continuation of a daily bodily exercise is an integral a part of the well being and dietary administration.

Medicine to normalize blood sugar in sort 2 diabetes
Hypoglycemic sulfonamides and different insulin secretagogues

Hypoglycemic sulfonamides are capable of normalize or scale back hyperglycemia in sort 2 diabetics who’re obese.  Leglibenclamide, chlorpropamide and glipizide have been proven to have the ability to scale back ocular and renal micro-angiopathic problems in the long run in unweighted and obese topics (BMI <28 kg / m2) (UKPDS research). They don't have an opposed impact on macroangiopathy.-

Within the case of an ineffective sulfonylurea at most dose, there isn’t a profit in making an attempt one other sulfonamide. The hypoglycaemic energy of latest insulin secretagogues seems to be similar to that of sulfonylureas.

Disadvantages :

Hypoglycemia is probably the most critical aspect impact related to using hypoglycemic sulfonamides and impacts roughly 20% of sufferers handled with hypoglycemic sulfonamides.

Aged sufferers and sufferers with renal insufficiency are most in danger for hypoglycemic occasions.

Different danger elements for the prevalence of recognized hypoglycemic occasions are: alcoholic beverage consumption, meal suppression, uncommon bodily train, use of potentiating medicine, average hyperglycemia earlier than remedy, failure to adjust to gradual improve in doses of sulfonamides hypoglycemic, malnutrition, liver illness.

Hypoglycaemic episodes happen extra ceaselessly with long-acting sulfonamides and when utilizing long-term delayed launch drug formulations (Pharmacovigilance, Agence du Médicament).

Hypoglycaemic hypoglycaemia hypoglycemics are sometimes extra critical and extra extended than these noticed underneath insulin.

The prevention of episodes of iatrogenic hypoglycemia is a therapeutic objective of sort 2 diabetes handled with sulphonylurea and different insulin secretagogues. This prevention is predicated on the schooling of sufferers, using the efficient minimal dose, the cautious and progressive improve of doses, the making an allowance for of drug interactions and meals modifications. Nice warning is suggested when utilizing sulfonamides and different insulin secretagogues within the aged and the renally impaired.



The prevention of retinopathy in sort 2 diabetes is predicated on:The prevalence of retinopathy in sort 2 diabetes seems to be related to poor glycemic management and the presence of hypertension.

  • A strict glycemic stability.
  • Strict rigidity management. (Grade A suggestions)

In instances of established retinopathy, the very gradual acquiring of a very good glycemic management (with a view to keep away from a cystoid macular edema with a lower in visible irreversible acuity) and a strict pressure management are needed so as to stabilize the evolution of the retinopathy, in parallel to the institution of a selected ophthalmological remedy (grade A suggestion). Co-ordination between the overall practitioner, diabetologist and ophthalmologist is advisable (Skilled Settlement).

There isn’t any confirmed effectiveness of “vascular protectors” within the prevention and remedy of diabetic retinopathy.

Platelet anti-aggregants don’t exert a deleterious impact on diabetic retinopathy.


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